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About me

Hi…. I’m Pablo Miyar, Orchestra Conductor and Symphonic Composer by University degree.

Despite I had to leave the concert hall (I’m the eldest of my 10 brothers who needed my support), I focused my daily creative work in music for media and movie industry. Working for films and incidental music revealed me an incredible field full of creative possibilities...

Moreover, taking into account I had an early contact during my childhood with the show business (Yes, I was an actor on another life… ;) hehe… I promise I will create a future section in this website with a compilation of this work) as well as the competitions passed as a sound and music coordinator in TVE (Spanish National Television) in 1986, established my quotidian activity in a constant search of new composing procedures for film soundtracks, always bearing in mind the viewer’s perspective.

For those of you who prefer a professional abstract, my curriculm vitae follows in:

I was born in Oviedo in 1961, on January the 6th.

When I was seven, I got into the Royal High Music Conservatory of Madrid, and after 22 years studying piano and cello, I finished my career with a Composing, Orchestration and Conducting High Degree. My mentors were Mr. Carra, Mr. Asins Arbó, Mr. Calés, Mr. García Abril, Mr. Alís, Mr. Garcia Asensio…

I composed and premiered my first score at the age of 14 (‘El Libertador’), a leit-motiv for a stage performance. Since then I haven’t stopped composing, meanwhile alternating with pedagogical, performing, and conducting activities.

(Although, I always wanted to have what it was called an ‘ordinary’ university degree and I started Aeronautical Engineering and Chemical Science but music didn’t leave me so I came back to composition. Anyway, there’s a lot of knowledge areas I’m interested in, and I’d like to study deeply (if my memory and age allow me).

In 2006, I sign as a member of the Spanish Art and Film Music Academy, a music expert.

And… for those of you who like to know about personal affairs... I married my wife Maribel in 1989 (I met her in TVE, working together). We have two children: Pablo (degree in Chemical Science by Complutense University in Madrid), and Rian (Journalism and Expert in International Communication).

And that’s all until now.

I like peaceful life, avoiding troubles and working everyday with the highest motivation: in my post-production audio department of TVE in the morning and in my private studio (composing, orchestrating, performing and recording) in the afternoon. I’m devoting my life to music -and I’m very proud of it- assuming success, mistakes or any twist that I may have in any of my scores. I want to share my Work with you, in this wonderful experience of creating my website.

Web browsing you will get into my complete list of works and photos, clips or short videos about my projects. Some of them are original recordings from the live performing release (concert music and stage works). So, I apologize for the quality of some of them, they were recorded within the audience and in low quality circumstances, but included here as a homage to those days.

Right beside each title, you will get information and icons like sound icon   ,  video icon     recorded on Premier's day (*) or if it’s a document recorded in non-professional conditions (N.P.)

I hope you enjoy the results of all this effort, and that music makes you remember warmly present and past life experiences.

But… this is not a goodbye, it’s just an until we meet again.

Warmest regards

Pablo Miyar


All musicians, sound technicians, partners, friends and family that have supported me during all these years.

  • Pictures: Manuel Ruiz del Corral, Natalia López Celada, Adolfo Berrocal, Javier Llorente, Rian Ordóñez y archivo P. M.
  • Video: Javier Llorente, Marcos Jiménez y archivo P.M.
  • Audio: Archivo P.M.
  • Supervision: Rían Ordóñez y Manuel Ruiz del Corral
  • Web design: Sencillo-mobile.com
Premier at Teatro Monumental de Madrid, 22nd October 2015, performed by Orquesta Sinfonica RTVE under Clauid Ianni's direction.
Main track of the fiml "El Vivo Retrato" (1986). Created by Pablo Miyar, piano played with the original music sheet.
Pablo Miyar's memories on "Corazón Loco" film shooting and music composition details (1987).

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